Do You Need Sewer Repair and Replacement in Dana Point, CA

Sewer repair and replacement in Dana Point is only a phone call away! We are the area’s top-rated plumbing service for quality sewer services. When you need sewer line installation or sewer line cleaning, our licensed plumbers get on the job fast. We offer affordable rates for 24-hour sewer emergencies and always guarantee our jobs. To learn more about replacement services, keep reading.

Innovative Sewer Line Replacement Options

As sewer pipes age, you might need to consider replacing the line. Repairs work up to a point, but when several sections of pipe are damaged, you need a better option. Digging up the line and replacing it isn’t always the best solution. It’s costly and messy. That’s why we use trenchless sewer methods whenever possible.

Pipe bursting is a great alternative to traditional sewer repair. This type of sewer replacement uses a special piece of equipment called a bursting head. The head is inserted into the existing line and pushed through the pipe using hydraulic power. As the head moves through the pipe, it breaks the damaged pipe apart and pulls a new line into place behind the old pipe.


Ask one of our plumbers in Dana Point, CA, to explain how this procedure can help you replace faulty sewer pipes for less!

Rehabilitate Pipes Using Relining Methods

If your sewer pipes are old, you might get away with rehabilitating the existing pipe instead of replacing it. Another trenchless method we use is pipe relining. This method uses epoxy material that saturates a felt liner which is inserted into the sewer pipe. The liner is inflated and held in place with air or steam until the epoxy hardens. Once the epoxy cures, the liner is removed and a new pipe-within-a-pipe is left in place. Pipe relining is ideal for fixing cracked pipes, corroded pipes, and misaligned joints.

Have You Had a Sewer Camera Inspection Recently?

Sewer inspections are a great way to make sure your sewer system stays in good shape. Experienced sewer contractors thread a special camera through the pipe and view the video feed in real time. In less than an hour, we can tell you the condition of your sewer system and make suggestions for repairs, if necessary.

Sewer repair problems that go undiscovered can lead to serious problems. Don’t let this happen to you! For the best sewer services in Dana Point, CA, call us today.